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From: Jorge Justavino <jjvino at chiriqui_com>
To: "'aquatic-plants at actwin_com'" <aquatic-plants at actwin_com>
Subject: I need Information!
Date: Mon, 16 Sep 1996 20:32:20 -0500

Panam=E1,  september 16 , 1996.

First: excuse me!, my english is ugly!.
I am a panamenian man. I am studying Agronomy and I need information =
about a specific kind of acuatic plants (the plants who cause problems =
to the rice, I can`t remember Their name but in spanish is "Malezas") . =
Mi work of Graduation consist in an evaluation of Herbicides in the =
control of "Plants that cause losses in the production of the main grain =
in Panam=E1, the Rice" , if you send me any kind of information of any =
related topic I will thanks you.
My E-mail is jjvino at chiriqui_com; mi name is Jorge R. Justavino G. and I =
am studying in the UNIVERSIDAD DE PANAMA.