Re: Chasing the impossible dream?

Hi Calvin,
> I find that the Discus fish need to be fed quite large proportions of food
> to enable it to grow large quickly and this represents a strain on the
> aquarium. The only solution it seems is to change water very regularly. What
> other ways are there to combat algae besides this? I've tried keeping SAEs
> but they too love the Discus food and ignore the algae now. I find that
> using this bacteria culture called Aqua-10 does help to some extent too.
> Calvin Chin
	Many people keep discus with plants.  It's really like any
other tank, except that the plants have to be able to handle the warmer
temperatures you keep them at.  The best way to combat algae is to
keep up with frequent water changes (about 30% per week) and stock
heavily with plants from day 1.  This way, the plants will outcompete
the algae for nutrients and the water changes will be kept low enough
to prevent the build-up of excess nutrients.

	Make sure to choose plants that will withstand the high
temperatures your tank is at.  Look at one of the 'Nature Aquarium'
books, they have examples of planted aquaria for Discus. Hope this


Chris Teichreb
Department of Biology
University of Regina
Regina, Saskatchewan, CANADA

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