Re: Chasing the impossible dream

> Calvin Chin <cfc at pacific_net.sg> wrote:
> A dream of mine and many other aquarists is to keep the beautiful Discus in
> a planted aquarium. However, it's always striking a balance between feeding
> the fish regularly for it to be beautiful and having lots of algae problems
> and having nice plants with no algae problems and starved skinny fish.

I don't keep discus, but I know what you are after.  :-)

You might think about bigger tanks.  I've found tremendous success with
big tanks and lots of plants, but a relatively light fish load.  You'd
be surprised how "full of fish" a 200 gallon tank can be with 100 inches
of fish.  I keep even less than that, and have few or no problems with
some occasional very heavy feeding.

I've seen George's discus tanks, which have HUGE discus and are absolutely
choked with plants (very beautiful).  His setup is a lot different from
mine, (better light, dupla, etc.) but it is a larger tank, also (110?)

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