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 IMO the best way to dissolve CO2 in water is to use a box placed upside down
 on top of the tank (something like a diving bell).
 The box does not need to be very deep but to have a large surface.
 At the beginning, the box is filled with water and the air tube from the DIY
 CO2 system is placed under it so that the CO2 bubbles go into the box.
Another effective way to dissolve CO2 would be to add a way for the water to
pass through that box.  
The method  I use involves a vacume tube that is used to clean gravel.  Feed
the air stone up from the bottom.  Then from the top fit the out flow hose
from a canister filter.  The CO2  will rise to the top and the water passes
through the trapped air pocket. This will help the CO2 to break down faster
and effectively using all the gas and not losing any.  In the past I had used
the over turned container idea, but the CO2 would bubble out when full.