Re: Airpumps on DIY CO2 Setups

Hi, Paul,

I think you are totally right!

IMO the best way to dissolve CO2 in water is to use a box placed upside down
on top of the tank (something like a diving bell).
The box does not need to be very deep but to have a large surface.
At the beginning, the box is filled with water and the air tube from the DIY
CO2 system is placed under it so that the CO2 bubbles go into the box.

  Air           ----------------------------------
                |           CO2                  |
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|                                |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
                |       o                        |    Water
======================= o
Tube from bottle

This way, the CO2 dissolves in water without escaping as when using an airstone.

It is time to change the yeast mixture when the water level in the box rises
(i.e. the CO2 dissolves faster than it is produced).

Has someone else ever tried such a method?