Chasing the impossible dream?

A dream of mine and many other aquarists is to keep the beautiful Discus in
a planted aquarium. However, it's always striking a balance between feeding
the fish regularly for it to be beautiful and having lots of algae problems
and having nice plants with no algae problems and starved skinny fish.

I find that the Discus fish need to be fed quite large proportions of food
to enable it to grow large quickly and this represents a strain on the
aquarium. The only solution it seems is to change water very regularly. What
other ways are there to combat algae besides this? I've tried keeping SAEs
but they too love the Discus food and ignore the algae now. I find that
using this bacteria culture called Aqua-10 does help to some extent too.

I sure would like your views of how you handle the algae if you do keep
Discus in your planted tanks.
Calvin Chin