Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #201

>> Where can one find a cheap source for calcium carbonate?
>> I've been looking for chalk but having a hard time finding
>> that too. Seems to have gone out of fashion. :-)
>I hate to be funny, but there must be a cheap source out there
>someplace.  I know farmers in Illinois who dump up to four
>tons of calcium carbonate per acre on their fields.  It changes
>the pH just enough to open up significant amounts of trace
>elements.  So, it must be REALLY cheap if you buy in bulk.  :-)
>I'm not sure where they get it, though.
>- --charley
>cbay at jeppesen_com

Try scientific chemical supply like Baxter or Sigma , etc.. call your local
college and see if they may be willing to sell you some of theirs. 

tmistretta at tamu_edu
Texas A&M University

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