DIY CO2 system

Thanks to everyone who responded to my post about my algae eater problems in
digest #182. It seems to me from what people said is that the best thing I
can do to eliminate my algae excess is improve on CO2 fertilization (and stop
blaming my algae eaters). With that in mind, I looked at various web and
mailing list sources for advice on a DIY CO2 system that was more than just
the yeast method. I found several helpful files, the most thourough of which
was George Booths', from his FAQ file. I have since purchased a 5lb. CO2 tank
and a pressure regulator, but am still confused about its' setup.
Specifically, something called a "fine control valve" was refferred to by a
few sources as something that was distinctly seperate from the regulator, but
the welding supply store I bought everything from said it was built in to the
regulator and in any event the salesman there and one at valve supply company
I called both seemed clueless when asked about such a device. The regulator
does have a "T shaped adjusting screw" to fine tune the output flow. Is this
the same thing as a fine control valve? or an adequate substitute?  Also, the
output end of the regulator/valve is a metal stem 9/16 of an inch big. How
and with what do you attach standard size airline tubing from here to a
reactor chamber or powerhead or airstone?
Lastly, does anyone know of a web site or whatever where there are drawings
or illustrations of DIY CO2 setups with reactor chambers. I found lots of
descriptions of reactors made out of UGF tubes and 1 liter bottles but am
stil having trouble picturing or understanding how they and their "baffles"
are constructed and how they are attached to the rest of the  setup (ie. how
specifically is water and CO2 brought into them and then propelled back into
the tank).

                                  Thanks for any help,
                                                       Matt MacGregor