Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #193

Ronald Wozniak wrote Thu, 12 Sep 96 

> I was in a pet store the other day and looked at the protein skimmer.
> It looks like with very little modification, one can use it as decent
> CO2 reactor.  The unit come with a Visi-Jet power head with water intake
> filter built into a ~2 inch diameter 10-12 inch long tube.  The tube 
> has a water exit out the bottom.  An airline tube (CO2?) can
> be attached to the top venturi power head cap.  The top "collection
> receptacle" can be replaced with a cap, since one would want that
> in a CO2 reactor.
> What I like about it is that the powerhead has a flow control knob and
> a water flow rate meter.  From the design, it looks like the power head
> would create a lot of turbulence for good CO2 water mixing.
> Since I haven't tried it yet, I don't if the water flow rate can be
> adjusted low enough so that the CO2 bubbles don't get blown out the
> bottom.  I suspect that it will work, since in it intended application
> air bubbles are ejected into the tube-skimmer.

I would also like  to find out more about this setup. The cost is quite
low especially since the unit also doubles  as a bubble counter. Keep
us posted Ron