APD V2 #196

Re: CO2 problems
The amount of the packet of yeast is just one part of a problem.  I use a
packet of wine yeast that is 5 grams.  As I said I use Active Dry Wine Yeast
which holds up to alcohol better then baking yeast.  Also the way the mixture
is mixed could be a problem.  I mix 4 cups of warm water and the sugar first
to break down the sugar then I pour in 2 cups of water at room temp.  Then I
pour the yeast in and do not shake or mix it let the yeast do it's thing on
top.  I get 2/3 weeks per mix.  The room temp is another part of an answer.
 When  my air cond. with down the house got hot  the mix lasted a few days.
 If the brew sits in the sun forget it,  if your house is low temp. air cond.
all the time like mine it will help.