Re: surface film & potassium permanganate

> From: Miles Morrissey <mmorriss at sophia_smith.edu>
> I'm getting that translucent white film 
> on the top of the water. I've had it before and skimming the top over a 
> period of time seems to eradicate it.

If I recall correctly, its a bacterial film caused by excess fatty
proteins from foods. Not serious.

> Secondly, I'm familiar with 5% bleach solution to eradicate snail eggs 
> and  algae on new plants.  Isn't there also a procedure using potassium  
> permanganate (sp? yet again)??  Where does one get this stuff and how 
> much does one use?

It used to be available as a disinfectant in drug stores however it
doesn't seem to be sold lately because it has explosive properties.
The plant FAQ refers to ten minute soak in a pale purple solution.
It's available commercially from Jungle products as "Clear Water".

Steve P in Vancouver BC