Setup for a 55 gallon tank

I have a 55 gallon F/W tank that is home to 9 barbs, a couple of upside 
down cats and a (well loved) elephant nose.  For filtration, I have
a Magnum 350 canister hooked up to a Penguin Biowheel-60 (two biowheel
setup).  My water quality is excellent, and all my fish are healthy
and active.

My question is this:

I want to plant my tank.  I mean, REALLY plant my tank -- I saw a tank
at a fish store the other day that was a forest of plants -> they had
the bottom completely covered with plants that looked *very* healthy
and were about half as tall as the tank was (this was in a 125).  The
fish would swim into the "forest" and then pop up out into the clear
water above.. They seemed to really love it, and it was absolutely 
beautiful!  This is what I want my tank to look like (and the fact that
my fiancee gave me the go-ahead to spend the money, because she really
liked the idea also, spurs me on).  I was thinking on using the yeast-
in-a-jar method of Co2 injection, and was wondering what kind of lights
would work for this type of setup.  Also, what other things would I
to make this happen?  Lastly, is this even feasable (sp?) with the 
fish I have right now?  I sure hope so, as it would be very fun to 
plant this tank...

Thanks for your help!