Re: Matt's algae eater problem

IMHO you need more algae eating fish and add a small Red Scat to take 
care of the hair algae.  Strangely enough, I have Altum Angels that 
seem to relish hair algae.  I'm watching this more closely.  Make 
certain that you get the true SAE's as well -- not that they eat hair 
algae, but they certainly like the "red" algae (that is black).  Get 
some Ancistrus (Bristle Nose Pl*co's) for your other algae problem.  
All your algae eaters are going to like the cucumber, so you must get 
more of these types of fish.  And, yes, most are nocturnal.

Another thought is the life of your fluorescent tubes.  They may not be 
as effective as they were when you didn't have this problem.  My 
Tritons don't seem to give me this problem, so you might check into 
this lighting.

Best wishes.