Granulated Peat as Substrate

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Subject: Granulated Peat as Substrate
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I hate to send this to the entire mailing list, but I was having
difficulty deciding on any one or two people to send this to.  Hopefully
this message will not be regarded too spitefully, since it is in the
interest of research.

I work at the Natural Resources Research Institute in Duluth, MN, and have
been doing research on a granulated form of peat.  Most of our applications
for the granulated peat are industrially related, but as of late we have been
looking into the use of the granulated peat as a filter medium for certain
aquarium fish.  Barry Cooper, from the American Killifish Association
homepage, is also experimenting with using the granulated peat to spawn
his killies in.  Barry referred me to the Aquatic Gardeners Association
homepage, because he knew Sphagnum moss was sometimes being used as
portion of your substrates.  I found this mailing list on that page.
Samples of the granulated peat have also been sent to Curtis Keifer from
the Discus Study Group home page, who is distributing them to several
discus breeders.

Basically what we have is granulated form of different types of peat (NOT
Sphagnum MOSS, although we do have granulated Sphagnum PEAT).  The
difference between PEAT and Spagnum moss or "peat moss" is that PEAT is
the decomposed remains of mosses, sedges, and other bog plants.  The
granules tend to remind one of spent coffee grounds, or a brown activated
carbon.  The granules are softer than activated carbon, but retain their
structural integrity when wet.  They are produced without ANY added
chemicals, binders, etc.  Just peat.  But we CAN impregnate them.  Reading
through your past archives, it looks like iron might be a good additive.

I am think that the granules might work for some of you as a part of your
substrates.  I am looking for one or two sincerely interested individuals
to send samples to, who will give me honest feedback on how the granules
would work, and what changes they would like to see made in them.  If
anyone would be interested, or has any questions, just drop me a line.


Gary Anderson