First. I am using the yeast co2 method now, but plan on moving up to a
bottle system soon.  What is the best way to disolve the co2 in the water. 
I have a 75g tank with an Emporer 400, and will be purchasing a Magnum 350
canister soon.  Should I release the co2 into the tank, the emporer or the
magnum, and how?  Second, I currently have 4x40w for lighting.  One Super
Daylight bulb, and 3 generic aquarium/plant growth buld (from walmart). 
I've read alot of info concerning different bulbs
(Actinic/Daylight/Specialty, but still don't know which ones would work the
best to increase plant growth, and bring out the plant/fish colors.  I
would appreciate any information concerning CO2 and lighting.  Thank You