Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #174

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>> A question came up at our Aquatic Plant meeting the other night.
>> using "rock wool" around plant roots. I remember reading bad thi
>> it. Can someone refresh my memory about why it's not good to use
>> why it is good, if it is? Thanks.
>IMO, if your substrate is set up properly, you don't need 
>rockwool.  OTOH, as long as it has not been impregnated with 
>chemicals, I doubt there's any particular harm in it.
>Karen Randall
>Aquatic Gardeners Assoc.
>Boston, MA

Yes remove as much rockwool as possible without damaging the plant
(roots) too much.

Tropica (www.tropica.dk) advises this too! They grow the plants 
and THEY know best how to handle their products ;-)

Gerard van Klaveren
(klaveren at bart_nl)
Gerard van Klaveren from Monster, The Netherlands.
<klaveren at bart_nl>