Re: Lobelia genus

> From: Karl Schoeler <krsfert at citilink_com>
> I was at a nursery last week that specializes in perennials and shade plants
> which can be raised successfully in Minnesota.  During the course of my
> tour, I saw several species of Lyssimachia and Lobelia. These were not the
> species normally associated with descriptions in aquatic plant books.
>  Has anyone experimented with them in the aquarium?

No I haven't. According to Webster's, Lobelia is a genus "of widely
distributed herbaceous [similar to herbs] plants cultivated for their
terminal clusters of showy lipped flowers". Rataj & Horeman (Aquarium
Plants) have a lot more to say. "The Lobeliaceae family contains about
thirty genera including ten [aquatic ones]. Only Lobelia is cultivated
in aquariums. There are about 365 species in this genus; many of the
species are found in wet or occasionally flooded regions." They mention
only two as being suitable for aquariums: L. cardinalis & L. spendens.
L cardinalis is often cultivated in gardens for the bright red flowers.
The growing tips can be transplanted underwater. It grows very slowly
underwater even under strong light so in order to propagate a small
amount to sufficient for a nice show piece, it would be good to try
growing it emersed in mud or soil probably best in humid conditions.
R & H has a nice close-up of the flower and Baench has an a good pic
of the flower too. Other aquatic species include L. dortmanna, L.
paludosa, L. aquatica & L. asiatica are mentioned as not well suited
to aquariums. It might be interesting to try some Lobelia species
in a paludarium! Has anyone tried it or gotten it to flower?

Lysimachia is a genus of the Primrose family commonly called
Loosestrife. The Primulaceae (Primrose) family has about thirty
genera with 800 species. Samolus valerandi (Water Pimpernel)
grows submersed and emersed in marshes and river mouths and is highly
valued for paludariums and terrariums.

Steve in sunny and warm again, Vancouver :-)