re: Plant Compatibility

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Date: 8/31/96 3:39PM
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Subject: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #171
>From: KELoyd at mail_myriad.net (Keith E. Loyd)
>Date: Sat, 31 Aug 1996 08:24:53 -0500
>Subject: Plant Compatibility
>Dear Collective Wisdom of The Net:

>I am aware of innumerable examples of plants in the rainforest engaging in
>chemical warfare on each other so that they can have more space, better
>chances for seedlings, etc.
>Do the intelligencia of the hobby still believe this of certain aquatic
>plants or is it just a matter of certain environmental conditions giving the
>competitive edge to one or the other plant?

I'm no intelligencia of the plant warfare and what environmental condition 
giving competitive edge to which plant. You are right, there is little or no 
information compiled on this subject on the net although it was bought up in 
this digest on several occasion. 

I do know from my experience that Java Moss would cause Sagittaria and 
Echinodorus sps. to decay on part that were touching it. My small 2" high 
Sagittaria almost kill my giant 16" E.Maior when one of its leave were touching 
the main rosette trunk of the Echinodorus. Ludwigia sp also cause Echinodorus sp
to decay when touching. My Vals and Sagittaria is on the same side of the tank 
but not touching. Vals putting out lots of runners but not Sagittaria. 
Echinodorus would live happily with Vals, Hygrophila and Cryptocoryne sp. Can't 
think of more. Anyone?