Re: Plant Warefare

>From: KELoyd at mail_myriad.net (Keith E. Loyd)
>Date: Sat, 31 Aug 1996 08:24:53 -0500
>Subject: Plant Compatibility
>Dear Collective Wisdom of The Net:
>Is it just an old wife's tale that Vallisneria and Saggitaria or
>Cryptocoryne and Vals(?) do not thrive when kept in the same tank?
>I am aware of innumerable examples of plants in the rainforest engaging in
>chemical warfare on each other so that they can have more space, better
>chances for seedlings, etc.
>Do the intelligencia of the hobby still believe this of certain aquatic
>plants or is it just a matter of certain environmental conditions giving the
>competitive edge to one or the other plant?
>Keith E. Loyd

The TFH Publication "Aquarium Plants" gives some information as to which
species can co-exist with which. Note that I said "species". The book has
phrases like "can be kept with other species of val...". The book also
states, for many species, "grows best in a species tank of its own". (now
where have we heard that before?)

I don't have much direct knowledge in this area, I have experienced
situations where the same plants do well in some tanks and not others.

- Bill Brady ... Harwood Maryland USA