Plant Compatibility

Dear Collective Wisdom of The Net:

I am getting into the hobby after a several year hiatus and am generally
impresed with the changes in technology and availability of cool stuff.
After about a month of perusing the net and this list, I have seen nothing
on whether certain plants should be kept together.

Is it just an old wife's tale that Vallisneria and Saggitaria or
Cryptocoryne and Vals(?) do not thrive when kept in the same tank?  I just
set up a 20 gallon with Vallisneria tortifolia and Saggitaria subulata at
opposite ends.

I am aware of innumerable examples of plants in the rainforest engaging in
chemical warfare on each other so that they can have more space, better
chances for seedlings, etc.

Do the intelligencia of the hobby still believe this of certain aquatic
plants or is it just a matter of certain environmental conditions giving the
competitive edge to one or the other plant?


Keith E. Loyd