new plants - please give tips


I've just re-odelled one of my tanks (plant-wise), since all
my Echinodorus went down (my fault, lack of oxygen in the
substrate :( ). However, I have an immense growth of
Ludwigia in that tank, and now it's the main plant I have
there, together with some that I could use some advice on.
First of all, I bought some Althernatera today - first time
I laid my hands on this plant. If someone would be so kind
as to give me some tips on the care for this plant, and also
for Bacopa which I also laid mi hands on for the first time
and a very nice plant I discovered called Hydrocotyle. The
tank is 100-liter, 40-cm deep, hosts a large group of
various members of the family Corydoras, also some Otos and
Rineloricarias / Dasyloricarias (nothing else - I only keep
catfish). Other plants that grow in it are some very tiny
saggitaria (1-inch long ones, like a small grass) and some
sall Echinodorus, also the grass-like kind (larger than
tennelus though). The lighting is two fluorescent bulbs, one
Sylvania special plant-light bulb (purple-light), one normal
one, 20 Watt each I believe. The substrate is sand, I have
some Melanoides tuberculata now helping to keep it moving.
The water chemistry is neutral pH, rather hard water (this
is what I have in my tap). I also use some garden nutrition
liquid, which was tested by my local aquarists friends as
harmless to fish and very good for plants.

I'm no plant specialist so forgive me if not all data is
accurate etc.

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