Re: Dividing Anubias nana

I've had to dig up & divide A. nana's several times l& haven't had any
significant problems.   What I do is this:

1)   GENTLY uproot the rhizome trying to do as little damage to the roots as
possible.  (The only time I've lost sections is when the root system is
severly damaged)  If there are small pieces of substrate clinging to the
rhizome or roots leave them attached)
2)  Using a very sharp knife (I use a scalpel blade that I get from a
surgical supply house) cut the rhizome into pieces being sure to leave at
least 3 to 4 leaves or buds to a section.  It's important to use a sharp
knife.  A dull one will crush the tough rhizome and I've had some of those
sections rot in a similar fashion to the other A. nana problem that's being
3)  Replant the sections by covering the roots, not the rhizome with
substrate.  If they won't stay down use an old fashioned hairpin (the kind
shaped like a "U") that's coated (a beauty supply house or drug store will
have them) to secure them to the substrate until they root.  If you're
securing the section to wood or stone then tie them down securely with silk
thread (cotton will rot, silk won't) being sure not to tie them so tighly
that you cut into the rhizome.

Good luck with your project.

Lil Banchik