Re: Six foot aquarium and T-8 tubes

>From: RTalukdar at mail_utexas.edu (Roni Talukdar)
>Date: Wed, 21 Aug 1996 08:15:51 -0500
>Subject: Re: Lighting a 125
>>From what I've seen in the Grainger catalog, there are no lisitings 
for 6
>>foot T8 bulbs and electronic ballasts for that size. I would like to 
get a
>>125 gallon tank which is 72 inches long, and prefer to use T8 bulbs 
>>T12 because T8's are reputedly more efficient.
>>Does any one have any advice on what lighting to use?
>Ahhh, another person with a six foot tank...  I'm using 4 T8s 
staggered and
>one 175 W MH in the middle for my tank.  The easiest way to light the 
>would have been 2 175 W MH + 2 32 T8s, but I didn't have the money for 
>MHs.  You could also stagger 8 T8s and get a comparable amount of 


You could also try some "Triton Enhancers" (great reflectors) over your 
T-8 tubes.  They double the intensity.  I use 8 - 36" "Triton" tubes on 
my 150 gallon aquarium with "Enhancers" and the plants are fantastic!

Good Luck!