Re: Anubias Problems

> From: N.Monks at nhm_ac.uk (Neale Monks) 
> .... only Anubias barteri nana really does well permanently submerged. 
> As doubtless you already know, these are really amphibious....

Yes I had read this, but I found that the leaves of my A. Barteri var. 
nana dried out and shrivelled when I raised them above the surface. Maybe 
this was a lack of humidity in my hood.
<.... A. Barteri nana does not need to buried in the sediment. Treat it
> as you would Java fern but allow the roots to trail into the sediment...
>.... I find they do best attached to driftwood and then laid on the 
> ground.....

I've grown them in the substrate and on wood. My AB nana grows fastest when 
the rhizome is supported by its spidery legs about an inch off the top of 
the gravel. It was slower on the wood. I have noticed that the AB nana is 
the only Anubias that grows with the rhizome horizontal, all the others 
seem to grow more 'treelike' with the rhizome vertical and consequently 
look a bit less peaceful. 

> There was a TFH article in the last couple of years about Anubias, which
> described their natural biotope. Worth trying to look for. 

Sounds interesting.
> .... Apple Snails and Panaque catfish happily eat Anubias.

Not in my tank they won't! I think Panaque's look resplendent, but 
one would probably do untold damage in my 4 foot plant tank.