How to start?

Hi again, all you helpful people. 

I am heading to new challenges: I am setting up a new, larger
tank (about 65 gallons), complete Dupla method incl. heating coils, laterite,
PH-controlled CO2 injection. I also finally bought an RO unit and I am 
busily producing water at the moment (thanks to all who replied/emailed about
RO water and minerals).

At the moment (Monday), I am slowly filling the tank with a mix of RO and
tap water (60:40). I am aiming at a KH of 4-6 and a GH of 6-8. I think I will
be ready by Tuesday morning or afternoon. The decoration is already in the
tank: two artificial caves and a (real) root.

Now my questions: The plants will probably arrive only Friday (because I 
ordered Tropica plants). What should I do in the meantime to prevent the
water from getting cloudy and prevent algae?

I plan to switch the light on and add Duplaplant only when the plants arrive
and if they arrive on Friday, I plan to add 6 SAEs and some plecos or 
ancistrus on Saturday and also to add some filter sponge from my other tank to
The heating system is not switched on yet, either. Temperature in
the tank is about 21 Celsius. I switch it on on Thursday, I guess.
CO2 will be switched on on Wednesday to stabilize the PH level. 

Natural light comes from a window 3-4 meters away, but no direct sunlight. 
As soon as the tank is full, I will switch on the filter (tank has a built-in 
filtration system). Is running the filter without light and heating but with 
CO2 ok to prevent the water from turning "bad" until the plants arrive?

Another question: I got the advice to start with 8h of light per day and to
increase half an hour per week until I reach 10 or 11 hours. Is this useful
to prevent algae?

Thanks as always, Andi from Munich, Germany.