re: Pistia

Neale Monks said:

> I have found that Pistia doesn't do well in aquaria for two reasons:
> dripping condensation from the hood causes the leaves to decay; and
> the leaves burn if they touch the lights. 
> Generally the plants look much smaller, and are flatter (less cabbage
> like). I suppose they would do better in an open aquarium lit by
> suspended halide lamps or something that wouldn't interfere with
> growth.

That's the setup I have and I've got lots of cute little mini-Pistias all
over it. I have to throw them out at almost the same rate as the Limnobium.
I've noticed initially, there would be a spot of Cyanobacteria growing on the
underside of the leaves in the notch where the leaf stem begins. It's the
only place Blue-green algae existed in my aquarium, and I've always wondered
why it grew there.

Kent Elliston
Sacramento, CA