Verilux Made Bulbs

Hi, In my search for ingredients to make some PMDD (I can't find these locally)
I have been looking through some gardening catalogs.  I found a bulb called
"SunLite" and it is made by a company called Verilux.  Here is a little on
these bulbs.  They duplicate 94% of the solar spectrum.  Plenty of red
radiation for long lasting bloom, plenty of blue for vigorous, stocky
growth, plus a natural distribution of all colors in between.  The pleasant,
no-glare light is pleasant for people too.  Independant tests have shown
this bulb to be superior to other full spectrum bulbs.  It is also less
expensive.  Each 40 watt tube is guaranteed for 24,000 hours- 50% longer
than a standard flouresent tube.  The 20 watt tubes are guaranteed for
14,000 hours.  Made in the USA by Verilux.  2, 40 watt tubes cost $26.95 and
2, 20 watt tubes cost 26.95.  Ever hear off, or use these bulbs?  Think they
would be good for a plant tank?

"There are always exceptions to the rules"