Re: SPX50 info

>Well, after searching for the highly touted SPX50 flourescent bulbs for a
>few weeks in San Diego, I finally found it at Specialty Lighting
>Distributors for $7.25 each (GE part # F32T8SPX50).  I have it on my
>aquarium now, next to a PennPlax Ultra Tri-Lux and a Philips UltraLume.  It
>has the same color as the UltraLume, and seems to be the brightest of the
>three.  However, since it has a smaller diameter, the light is more
>concentrated and I can't really tell which one actually has more lumen
>output.  Does anyone have the lumens specs for this SPX50 bulb?

That's a good price.

I can't find my spec sheet right now but want to let you know that new
fluorescents burn brighter than their "design lumens." That is, all of them
have a burn-in period of about 100 hours during which they burn 10 to 20
percent brighter than the lumen output they're designed to deliver. After
that period, they should hold their lumen output for 1-1/2 to 2 years
provided the ballast and other conditions are met.

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