My new aquarium hood

I just had to advertise this because I am so pleased with the results of my
new aquarium hood.

My father in law has just finished making me one, based on the design of
the one in the archives.  It is wooden, made in two sections with a piano
hinge in the middle and either side can flip up for easy access to the
fish, the lights, the plants etc.

The news I wanted to spread to anyone in Australia was that I purchased two
slimline, high frequency, rapid start electronic ballasts (Philips brand)
from Oatley Electronics  for only $26 each.  Each ballast runs two 32w -
36w fluro tubes.   The lighting shop here said that comparable ballasts
cost about $125 each.    It was a limited shipment from Holland and it was
a couple of months ago, but I think they still have some left.
They are well worth getting even if you  are planning to make a hood
sometime in the future.

Back to the hood.  Jack painted the inside of the hood (made of pine)
white, then mounted this plastic mirror stuff on it, inserted the four
tubes, and wired them to the ballasts mounted underneath the tank.    There
was a problem in that the ballasts being high frequency, without starters
caused flickering until Jack mounted a thin piece of metal behind the
plastic mirror and earthed it - since then - Beautiful.  Such a picture!

I just rang them to check if they still had them in stock.  The guy I spoke
to today (Robert)  said they do have a small number in stock so be quick
but that they can be purchased for only $18 each.  (I should buy them for
my next aquariums).

Contact Numbers are:  Oatley Electronics  02 5794985    Fax 02 570 7910