Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #106

>1) Is there any sense to use Duplarit-K (I think that's the name of 
the red, 
>   big balls to be introduced in the ground *after* the tank is 
>   running) without having heating coils in the ground?

For what it is worth, I have four 70 gallon aquariums running -- each 
with four (4) 40 watt Triton lights on each.  Two of these tubes are on 
for 12 hours daily and 2 are on for 14 hours.  So, basically, there is 
bright light for 14 hours daily.  These lights are covered with Triton 
Enhancers which increases the intensity!

The aquariums are densely planted with a good variety of aquatic plants 
such as Amazon Sword Plants, Cryptocorynes, Vallisneria, Hygrophyla, 
three types of Java Fern, some Java Moss, Ambulia, Mexican Oak Leaf 
Plants, several types of Anubias, Riccia (some floating and some 
submerged -- Amano style), Pearl "weed", etc.  Yes, loaded with every 
type of plant that meets my "fancy"!  Driftwood (African and Malayan) 
is also included for attaching some plants.

There is no perceptible algae!!!

There are many fish, but each aquarium has at least six SAE fish and 
one or two Plecostomus types that do not grow excessively large.  Twoof 
the aquariums have CO2 and two do not.  They all grow well!!

The only fertilization that I use is "Flora Boost" (mainly iron and 
manganese) and an occasional "laterite" ball at the base of the Amazon 
Sword Plants.  The waste of the fish is the balance of my 
fertilization.  The pH runs about 6.9 and the DH is about 12 (average).

I keep a couple of Clam shells in the aquariums which slowly dissolve 
for the calcium, etc. that they provide.  No other fertilizers except 
when starting off these aquariums -- which are all running for two 
years and one that is over four years.  Approximately 10% water changes 
are made every other week with an Automatic Aquarium Water Changer.

>2) What do you think of the light pause? Nonsense or useful?


>3) What about the O2 content? Which value do you think should the 
>   have in the morning? Dennerle states that most tropical fish come 
>   water with 1.5 to 3 mg/l anyway, Dupla seems to be a bit more 
>   Dennerle claims that algae thrive in an O2-rich 
>   that's what I also see.

My aquariums are filtered and the return water is circulated by water 
pumps to gently move the surface, but no air pump aeration. I do not 
check the O2 level as I look to my fish to tell me of their comfort.

>4) I read in the Dupla book that purple-colored light promotes algae 
>   The triton looks purple, the Dennerle is more reddish. Dennerle 
>   that blue is the algae-promoting color that's why they have the 
>   in the spectrum and the tube looks more reddish.
>   Do I better replace the Triton
>   with another Dennerle? The point is that the tank looks different 
>   with one Dennerle tube, how will it look with two reddish tubes?
>   What are your experiences with Triton & algae growth?
>   BTW, Dupla discourages the mix of different light colors at all. 
>   comments on that?

I used to mix tubes until Triton came along, and now, with Tritons, I 
have no more problems!

>Pls. feel free to give me your thoughts on all you read here, 
especially where
>Dupla and Dennerle disagree.

I believe that there is no one way to enjoy the hobby!  It's whatever 
makes your aquariums successful to your desires.  I think my aquariums 
are gorgeous -- equal to Dupla with a closed top and very much like 
Amano's.  It takes work -- grooming the plants because they grow so 
quickly; but I supply my friends with lots of cuttings weekly.

So, Andi, I hope that I have answered some of your questions.  
Basically, plant heavily, use lots of Triton light (with Enhancers), 
forget additional fertilization except for iron and manganese weekly 
(let your fish waste be utilized), put in a Clam shell or some oyster 
shell -- and enjoy your aquariums.

Good luck!