Re: Ich and temperature

On Tuesday, 30 July 1996, Greg Tong wrote:

> But some folks seem to think higher temperature by itself will kill ich.
> What's the word from the experts here? TIA.

Untergasser states that 33C for 10 days will cure ich.  He also notes
that high temperatures may be more stressful to your fish than many

Here's a list of ich remedies that I know about:

Substance   Dose               Advantages             Disadvantages

Salt        2.5-3tsp/US gal    Cheap, wide spectrum   Hard on plants,     
            for 10 days.                              softwater fish

Acriflavin  ?                  Wide spectrum          Kills plants dead

Copper      0.12-0.18ppm Cu    Wide spectrum          Kills plants,
Sulfate     for 10 days                               need test kit

Silver      ?                  <same as copper>

Quinine     1g/100L for 3 days Kills oodinium too     Kills inverts,
(sulfate,                                             not tolerated by some
hydrochloride)                                        fish

Heat        33C for 10 days    Cheap, wide spectrum   Hard on some fish,

malachite   0.05mg/L every 2   Kills most cilliated   Scaleless fish don't
green       days, 4-5 doses    protozoans, some bac-  tolerate it well in
                               teria                  bare tanks

malachite   0.05mg/L + 15mg/L  More effective than    Harder on sensitive
green +     every 2 days, 4-5  MG alone               fish than pure MG
formalin    doses

formalin    ?                  Wide spectrum          Kills bio filter at
                                                      this concentration

nitrofurans ?                  Wide spectrum, useful  May harm plants,
                               for secondary          filter.  Do you
                               infections             really want to
                                                      use an antibiotic?

Potassium   ?                  Wide spectrum          Hard to dose, hard
Permanganate                                          on small fish, powder
                                                      may explode

I'll try to fill in some of the question marks tonight.  The list
doesn't include pet shop preparations such as Clout.  I could add them
if there's enough interest.
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