Re: "Ick" and plants

>From: Anthony Inzero <dread49 at mail_idt.net>
>Date: Sun, 28 Jul 1996 00:56:43 -0700
>Subject: Ich
>I'm wondering if anybodie could tell me a cure for ich that doesn't 
>include removeing live plants.I would hate to deprive them of there 
>light.If I have to take them out of the tank because I have to put in 
>medicine could some one tell me how to keep them out for a while.I 
have a 
>10 gallon tank with 4 plants,two 1 inch Clown Loaches,and two half a 
>Dwarf Gourami with Ich.
>Anthony Inzero
>dread49 at mail_idt.net
>in cool Rhode Island


I saw a few replies already, but my suggestion is to use "Clout".  It 
has a wide range; doesn't affect the biological system; the malachite 
is not strong enough to harm Clown Loaches, but is still effective; and 
the plants are not harmed.  Raising the temperature to 85 degrees is 
helpful in getting the cysts off the fish.  Some manufacturers of 
aquariums use a type of silicone cement that is colored by any 
medication using malachite green and I have found that Maracide has a 
harmful effect on aquatic plants.

Good luck.