Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #103..ich

> Date: Sun, 28 Jul 1996
> Subject: Ich
> Hi
> I'm wondering if anybodie could tell me a cure for ich that doesn't
> include removeing live plants.(snip)


Methylene Blue will work effectively if used in conjunction with a
temperature increase. Dosage: use 1/2 the label directions.
The dosage must continue for several days.  Also, it should be dispensed
into the tank at a place where the current will mix it quickly to avoid
possible staining of silicone etc.  I have used it several times over the
years and have not had any ill effects on my planted tanks.

There is some thought that a temperature increase alone will work, if
coupled with a diatomaceous earth filter.  

Clown loaches seem to be able to withstand a 1/2 dose, but may not live
through a full daily dose. 

I believe the long term cure for ich is temperature stability.

Karl R. Schoeler
K.R. Schoeler Enterprises, Inc.