Aqualine Buschke C02 Unit

      First off I'd like to thank you all for the wonderful contributions
that make this list a real pleasure for me. I'm one of those super quiet
lurkers around since near the list's inception. I'll try and speak out a
little more.(g)

Anyways, I have an opportunity to purchase an unused C02 unit manufactured
by Aqualine Buschke (the same people who produce Ferreal-the liquid iron
supplement.) It comes complete with bubble counter, dispersion chamber and
instructions in english!(g)

I have heard of someone else locally who bought one and was forced to buy
another cylinder and fitting adaptor because no one could or would fill it
with C02. The Canadian distributor Rolf Hagen (sp?) claims it can be filled
and conforms to North American standards.

Could there be differences in Eurpoean and North American fittings or standards?

Has anybody had any experience with this unit good, bad or indifferent?

many thanks.

John Cochran
Photography & Digital Imaging
Victoria, B.C.
British Columbia Flyfishing Resources   http://vvv.com/flyfish
jcochran at pinc_com