Re: Again on electronic ballasts.

Ezio and Craig have been discussing electronic ballasts and lights.

About 3 months ago purchased a retrofit kit, 2 Aqua Sun VHO bulbs and the
smaller IceCap ballast for my 55 gal planted tank.  Then, feeling sorry for
my tetras when they were blasted by 220 Watts of light at 6:00AM, I
installed the new dimmer designed by Niche Engineering.  I highly recommend
this setup to anyone.  Its not cheap, but after installing a ground plane
on the flourescent lights they turn fully on and fully off over a one hour
period.  The fish love it and the effect is asthetically pleasing to watch.

One question:
What is the life expectancy of these bulbs operating with the IceCap?
Anyone have any experience with them?

Augustine Rodriguez
Elk Mound, WI, USA