Algae book

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Subject: Algae book
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Skimming through some scientific journals, I found on Nature, vol. 381, June
20, 1996 the following book review which I tought might be of interest for
some people on the list:

Algae: An introduction to Phycology
by C. van den Hoek, et al.
Cambridge University Press
1996, Pp. 623 
70 UK pounds, $110 (hbk)
24.95 UK pounds, $39.95 (pbk)

The reviewer explains that this is the updated translation of a well known
German book, and "it presents traditional life histories and morphology,
together with salient features of ecology and physiology, but concentrates
on modern concept of phylogenesis". It's not indicated if and how much of
the book is dedicated to freshwater algae.