Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #96

>   My understanding of this matter (as explained to me by
>   my Dutch wife) is that  nothing is 'added' to potting
>   soil to prevent weeds.  The soil is sterilized by heat.
>   This can occur naturally during the composting of the
>   soil, or it may be done by some sort of oven (I have no
>   idea how this is accomplished on a commercial scale)...
>   BTW, I use African Violet potting soil for my plants
>   with GREAT success, no algae, and the fish remain alive
>   too  ;-)
>   Torsten Tiedtke
>   in not-so-tropical Lynden, Ontario

Have you found that this type of potting soil colors the tank less.  I
set up a small 30 gallon plant tank (my first) with potting soil from
Meijer (a large all purpose store like K-mart or Target).  It has
unfortunately turned the water tea colored overtime.  I have changed the
water a few times but the color comes back.  I sespect this is normal,
but thought it would go away sooner.  Any comments?

buddy wiese
Cloudy Ann Arbor, MI