Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #97

>Bill,  Thanks for your suggestions.  What are these phosphate removal
>resins?  I am using  Phosorb at the moment.  It consists of some granules
>in a bag that is placed in a chamber of the Fluval.   Is this the same
>thing as you are talking about?

PhosZorb (API) is one and PhosGuard (Seachem) is another. The only problem
I have with PhosZorb is the largish sized sealed bag it comes in. PhosGuard
comes in a bulk plastic jar. I find that the amount needed is very small.

>And the aquarium shop did not know the name of the denitrators you
>mentioned.  He in fact said he had heard that denitrators did not do a lot.
>I'm a bit confused now.

Nitrex & Spriroax are filter media that, by their physical porosity, harbor
anaerobic bacteria colonies deep inside their structures (similar to live
rock). The anaerobic bacteria remove nitrate by conversion to gaseous

>The Water Purifier is the TWP that you recommend, but it results in
>deionised water doesn't it?  Then why wouldn't it be necessary to replace
>the trace elements and fix the pH before adding it to the aquarium in top
>up water?  BTW the tap water here is very soft about 40ppm.

The TWP produces pure (DI) water. Top off water is that you add to
compensate for the water that evaporates out of your tank. Since
evaporation is pure water, you must replace it with pure water. If you
added salts to top off water, you would eventually build up excesses of
these salts.

-Bill Brady