re: phosphate sponges, water purifyer

>From: bowkerg at NTU_EDU.AU (Gail Bowker)
>I am using  Phosorb at the moment.  It consists of some granules
>in a bag that is placed in a chamber of the Fluval.   Is this the same
>thing as you are talking about?

I use Phosorb combined with activated carbon in a prep tank for my top-off water.  When I started using this water, my mild hair algae growth (in my 55g) tapered off over a few weeks.  After several months of using this water, I started noticing definite nutrient deficiency symptoms in most of my plants, so I went shopping for a different trace element additive (Pond Flourish) than what I was using (Duplaplant 24 Drops only).

I do not and will not use Phosorb or other denitrator resins, activated carbon, or zeolite in my tank water because I don't want to remove humic acids, trace elements, hardness, etc. from my tank water.

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