> Hello,  I use mylar as a reflective service for all of my light  
> fixtures.  Even commercial fixtures.  Mylar is cheap and greatly 
> increases reflected light.  FYI.  Mike Bernardoni

Back when I was an academic, we did some review of reflectivity.  One of
the best bargains is simply white paint, which gets you 90-95%
reflectivity (or so, I'm doing this from memory).  Mylar is better, with
something like 95-97% reflectivity, and the next step up is silverized
teflon which has 99%+ reflectivity, but costs some hundred dollars per
square yard.  Aluminum foil is not particularly the best.  Personally, I
paint the insides of all my fixtures white, and if I need more than that,
get mylar.

    - Erik
    (in sunny hot biking-weather Seattle)

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