Re: soil works, Dupla doesn't ( for me )

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>    *  Subject: Re: soil works, Dupla doesn't (for me)
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Paul K. wrote:

> I noticed that you felt that it was risky going with potting soil.  One
> comment is that presently you are using topsoil, which is quite different
> from potting soil.  Topsoil is mostly mineral, and potting soil is almost
> completely organic, being mainly composted bark and peat.  If your plant is
> doing well with topsoil, why not try a few more plants with that?  Another
> comment is that there are very successful growers of aquatic plants who use
> potting soil, others who use peat, topsoil, and, of course, laterite.

I thought top soil is better than potting soil because potting soil has 
"something" in or not in it that discourages weeds from popping up in the 
pot???  I am just asking if this is true or not.  


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