Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #91

>Aquatic Plants Digest        Monday, 22 July 1996        Volume 02 : Number 091

>From: bowkerg at NTU_EDU.AU (Gail Bowker)
>Date: Mon, 22 Jul 1996 09:42:27 +0930
>Subject: Aeration, phosphate sponges, water purifyer and removing scratches
>I'm looking for a bit of advice about my tank and water supply.

>2.      My aquarium bloke sold me a phosphate sponge and told me to use
>that in the tank because of the high level of phosphate in our water
>supply.  I did so, but would like to remove it and replace it with a normal
>fluval sponge when the plants/gravel/laterite/lights are in place.  Are
>these sponges the only way to remove phosphates, and are they a bad idea?
>3.      Same aquarium bloke would like me to buy a water purifyer unit (a
>cheap one, not an RO unit).  I'm note sure about this though.  After it
>filters the water, you have to add a pH adjuster and Electroright (no
>ingredient list on the side of the bottles).
>A government water analysis gave the following reading of our tap water:
>Nitrates 1ppm
>Silicates 10 ppm
>phosphates 1 ppm
>Does this sound within reasonable limits or does a water purifyer sound
>like the way to go?

The level of phosphate in your water supply needs to be dealt with. The
nitrates will also become a problem if you use straight tapwater to
replenish evaporation.

You can get phosphate removal resins that are very effective. I would put a
small amount (about .1 liter) in the middle chamber of your fluval.

I would also suggest that you put Nitrex or Spiroex in the bottom chamber,
both will eventually act as a de-nitrator.

If the water purifier unit suggested is the Tap Water Purifier (TWP) by
Aquarium Pharaceuticals, I do reccommend it for making top off water. It
produces pure water which is what you need. In this case you would not add
anything to it.

If you have unacceptable levels of hardness, the TWP water can be mixed
with in when you do partial water changes.

I suggest that you get phosphate and nitrate test kit. If you want to grow
plants, get a KH kit also, & keep your KH at 3 deg or above.

-Bill Brady, Maryland USA