Plant identification

I recently ( 4 weeks ago) purchased two plants from the local pet shop which 
do not appear to be what they were labeled as ( surprise, surprise). From 
the following descriptions is anyone able to correctly identify them for 

Plant 1.
Purchased as Heteranthera zosterifolia.

When originally purchased it had a reddish-brown stem and a deep purple 
coloration below the leaves which also spread to cover a fine margin on the 
top of the leaves. The apex of the leaf is more rounded than the H. 
zosterifolia that I presently have. The leaves grow out and then curve 
upwards from the stem resulting in the leaf tips of older leaves being 
higher than the growing tip. It does not grow as quickly nor branch as 
profusely ( even after trimming) as does the H. zosterifolia that I 
presently have. Since being in my tank the reddish-brown stem colour has 
remained as has the shape of the leaf (Although it has become slightly 
wider) but in the new leaves the purple coloration has disappeared and the 
leaves now grow out and downwards although they now arch laterally as well. 
When viewed from above this gives almost a spiral effect. ( bad description, 
but I hope you know what I mean) The leaves also seem less fragile and 
stiffer than the present "form" of H. zosterifolia. Is this a different 
species than H. zosterifolia or are there several varieties of H. 
zosterifolia.? Or is this form the result of growing conditions?

Plant 2.
Purchased as Aponogeton natans.

Based on pictures I have of A. natans this plant looks correct and fits the 
description given. However what I presumed to be a flower spike has 
developed two young plants on it, and is still growing. I may be wrong but 
it is my understanding that A. natans does not reproduce in this way. Is 
this A. natans?