Substrate Question

I am going  to set up a 55 gallon tank.  I plan to use a couple of inches of
laterite mixed with vermiculite and top it off with an inch or so of sand.
I have noticed that many people use sand blasting sand for the top layer.  I
bought a 100 pound bag at the local Home Depot.  It is #30 silica sand.  Is
this the right stuff?  It seems pretty fine.  I saw #3 sand at a local
aquarium shop but it is much more expensive at 25 cents per pound compared
to 4 dollars for 100 pounds of the #30 sand.  I will build a custom hood
that will hold four T8 flourescent bulbs & will use an aquaclear power
filter.  Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated.


                Tom Roberts
                Phoenix, AZ