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 From: ljjones at students_wisc.edu (Larry J Jones)
 Date: Fri, 19 Jul 1996 21:19:01 -0500
> Subject: epoxy for background
> I wanted to know if anyone has tried using epoxy and sand and or gravel to
> cover the inside of the aquarium rear.
> My idea is to use epoxy (or maybe silicone) spread on the rear pane and
> spinkle with sand and gravel. Hopefully this will add depth and look nice.
> In the past I have sprayed the out side with black paint, but there is
> still the glare and flat surface. Any info would be a great help.
>         Also has anyone used Mylar as a reflective substance?
> Larry Jones
>  >>

I purchased a used aquarium with a slate & bark background. It created an
excellent 3-D background effect. This background used primarily an epoxy-type
compound for the base and silicone for some after-thought add-ons. 

I'd be leery of using just sand as it is very thin and somewhat transparent.
I don't think you'll like the affect you get. A little larger material will
look great and even more 3-D if you vary the sizes.

Also, although they look great - wood and branches seem to dislodge over
time. I'd still use them but plan for this in advance (maybe surround w/
larger rocks or...)

Ron Lane