Subject: Re: lighting

I am a lazy and poor guy. I try the best way to maintain my 55 gal fresh water
tank cheap and easy.  I usualy changed 10-12 gal H2O ( 50% overnight tap water and 50% RO water) 
once a week if I remember but sometime my little fishes have to wait after 2 weeks. I never 
measure my tank's chemical even I get a degree in chemical engineering. The only valuable stuff 
I spend is the automatic CO2 controler ( PH controler,  electronic solenoid and CO2 tank from 
loacl weldding store)

Here is my experience to save money after reading the PMDT.(poor man dupla tank)

I put two 40W VitaLite in my 55 gal tank 8 weeks ago. After 2 week later I added another 2 40W 
GE DayLight ultra. Things changed a lot after that. I saw strong bubbles released by plant which 
never happen before. Then I decide to turn off the two VitaLite and find the amount of bubbles 
decrease slightly. It look like the $6.00 GE is much more better than the $16.00 VitaLite. I 
also made my PMDD with $5.00 Ironite and $4.00 K2O from Home Depot. It is much more better than 
those expensive fertilizers. At least it stop the hair alage growing. 

Do not waste your money on those brand name. You can find most of quality equipements in your 
neighthood store. Save your money or donate to WWF ( World Wild Fund).

Gordon Ko