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> John Lobingier wrote a long description which I'll summarize:

Hi Steve.  I didn't write a long description.  :)  
> Before increasing lighting levels and adding CO2 injection things
> appear to be growing slowly but ok and now some leaves are yellowish,
> get pale and drop off despite fertilization with trace nutrients
> and potassium. Nitrate levels are measured at 12.5 mg/l. He didn't
> say so but it sounds like the tank still is heavily stocked with
> Angelfish and presumably are well fed.
Thank you for helping me out.  I know my letter was long so you probably 
did not see that this 55 gallon tank does not contain the Angelfish 
anymore.  It now contains 8 rummy nose, 8 cardinals, 5 serpaes, 4 small 
clown loaches, 8 rasboras, 2 cory cats, 2 ottos, 2 kuhli loaches, and 4 
ram cichlids.          

> The symptoms you describe sound like a deficiency of nitrogen or
> potassium. Perhaps the test kit is not giving an accurate reading
> of nitrates? You could test it to see what reading it gives for
> distilled water or tap water. Distilled water should be zero and
> tap water should be much lower than 12.5; if not then the test kit
> is giving misleading results. I don't know what all those other
> things are in your filter. In my tanks I use only a mechanical
> filter pad or nothing at all and I use PMDD every day. I've had
> symptoms similar to the ones you described with my high lighting
> before using PMDD although I have much less fish than you. It has
> made a dramatic difference. Perhaps something chemical in your
> filtration system is interfering with the nitrogen test and/or
> interfering with the plants ability to get nitrogen somehow.
> Steve in Vancouver

My nitrate test kit is made by Tetra.  I checked the nitrate level today 
in the tank and it still reads 12.5 mg/l.  I then tested my tap water and 
got a nitrate reading of 0 mg/l.  I am trying to figure out why you 
thought my nitrate test kit was giving me misleading results.  Do you 
think I need more nitrate?  The media in my filter that you are unfamiliar 
with is all mechanical and biological.  I am not using any chemical media 
now per advice from the list.  I had someone suggest to me that I add 1 
drop of iodine per each 12.5 gallons of my tank water everyday.  What will 
iodine do?  Thanks again!