Re: Lighting

>2-24" and 2-36". My main question is what are the best tubes for the "generic"
>plant tank?

Your Tritons, etc. are fine. You will have excellent results with T8
General Electric SPX50s with a rapid start electronic ballast as well and
save some money too.

>Also are
>there any resources that have a spec listing of the newer bulbs: K degrees,
>lumen, etc.?

Manufacturer's catalogs have all this information. The store that sells you
the lamps should be able to give you this info as they order from catalogs.

>Are the tri-phos types better with plants or are the flatter
>response full spec. like Vita-light?

This is a common misconception. Almost all fluorescent lamps these days are
triphosphors. What matters is the type of phosphor. Folks may swear by
certain lamps but you'll be fine with almost any of the higher kelvin
lamps--5000K or above. And even with cool whites if your growing needs
aren't too demanding.

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