Re: Canister Filter

> From: Nathan <unself at eastky_com>
> Date: Wed, 17 Jul 1996 19:53:10 -0400
> Subject: Re: Canister Filter
> >I don't know much about Magnum (a brand not sold in the UK, or perhaps by
> >another name?) but I do use both Fluval and Eheim filters. My personal
> >preference has always been for the Fluval, but not by much, and Eheim
> >filters are perfectly useable.
> Magnums are different then most of the other canisters on the market.  They
> basically use a big cyclender shaped piece of foam/sponge, and push water
> through the foam and then outward.  The Center section contains a cup to
> hold the carbon.  Basically you are locked into using there foam, and
> carbon.  Most of the products by MarineLand (the maker of the filter) are
> like that.  They make most of there money making you purchace replacement
> media, with carbon either in it, or additional. (like there Penguin/Emperor
> series as well).  The Older Models of Magnums were prone to problems, but
> the newer designed ones are of alot higher quality.  However still there is
> a definate quality difference between the magnums and eheims, fluvals.
> Magnums tend to have mostly plastic parts.  Magnums have an advantage in
> that you can use a Additional Micron cartridge on them to do water
> polishing.  (its either foam or micron for options not both at the same
> time).  Recently they have introduced a "Hot" edition (hang on tank).  It
> runs at 250gph.  The Main Marine Biologist told me i needed additional
> bio-filtration (other then the canister alone)  He was either trying to sell
> me on buying Bio-wheels, or to buy more.
> Maybe this is just the way i see things, but i really cannot see myself
> buying a magnum over the other options on the market.
> - - Nathan

I have three magnums that I use on freshwater and reef aquariums and I 
disagree with your conclusions.  The magnums are cheap and easily 
modified to be used in virtually any manner one wants.  It just takes a 
little creativity.  I have never had any problems with them in the 7+ 
years I have used them.  Periodic O ring replacement is the only thing I 
have had to do to them.
Bob Hoffman
Huntington Beach Orchids