reproducing Echinodorus

Hi all,
I just want to say thank you all who started up the discussion about
reproducing Echinodorus spec.
This discussion prompted me to try reproduction of my E. sp. "Tropica" which
I kept for several years.
The plant did quite well but it did neither send out runners nor did it
start to flower. I wondered if it will be 
a possibility to let it grow emersed but I was a little bit afraid of
loosing it during the period between 
submersed and emersed life.
When the discussion came up there were some people that said cutting of the
 is a good way of reproduction. I decided to try it and it works :-)).
I cut of approx. 1.5cm of the rhizom and placed it in my Utricularia (that
floats on the surface of one of my tanks in a dense carpet)
near to the lightning and after three weeks the first sign of a plantlet
appeared and one week later one can imagine
what it is going to be in the future. 
If everything goes well with the plantlet perhaps it will become the mother
of a emersed culture.
So thanks a lot I can advice anybody to try this method too.

Patrick from germany where we are still waiting fo the summer :-(
Patrick Aldag
email: aldag at tzv_fal.de